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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Day in Tuscany by Dario Castagno

I first came across Dario Castagno when I read his delightful stories in Too Much Tuscan Sun - Confessions of a Chianti Tour Guide. His stories continue in A Day in Tuscany where he gives us an hour by hour look into his day when he returns from an American book tour. He tells us of the re-acquaintance with his home town of Vagliagi, after three months away from his beloved Tuscany, interspersed with history of the surrounding areas and of the local inhabitants. 
Dario was born in Wimbledon to Italian parents and lived in London until his family returned to Italy when he was nine years old and along with his brother explored the hills which they quickly embraced. Dario contemplates his past and that of his neighbors as he takes in the sights around him and describes each detail of the landscape from the flowers, to the tiny insects devouring cabbage leaves.

The only downside I see in reading this book is that you will want to book a flight and head for the beautiful Tuscan Hills.

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