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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guest Post - Critter Alley

Pat Wahler has stopped by today to tell us about her blogging world, Critter Alley, where the first picture you will see is of Bogey and Indy who are often featured in Pat's blogs. I've been following Pat's posts for a long time.
Why Blog?
As writers, we're told that to be successful, social media must be a part of what we do.  Four plus years ago, this sounded intimidating to a "tech-know-not" like me. I wasn't at all sure how to accomplish such a feat.  So I waited, watched, and thought about what I wanted to do.  After months of lurking, I noticed that one of my writer friends had launched a blog. It looked impressive, professional, and gave me incentive to finally take the plunge. 
I'd already decided my platform would be animal related, so templates and simple instructions were all it took to turn plans into reality.  Thus in 2007, Critter Alley came into being and blogging became a part of my writing life.  Even if I don't accomplish anything else, I know that 2-3 times each week I'll publish a post.  It's critical to regularly update a blog.  Letting an old post sit is a lot like opening a bag of bread.  It doesn't take long to go stale. 
Of course, posting isn't all about the readers.  It's a great feeling for me, too, and can be more than a tad addictive.  I love to gain new followers (hint, hint), receive the feedback of comments, and know I've contributed something to the blogosphere.  As a result of blogging, my horizons have been expanded far beyond the little office where I type these words.  Where else can one find such instant connections?  I've discovered more talented (and often unrecognized) writers around the world via their blogs than in any other writing medium. 
Some bemoan blogging as frivolous. 
I prefer to see it as a package deal: an exercise in writing discipline sweetened by the support of a truly unique and creative community.
Pat Wahler is a freelance writer whose work appears in multiple anthologies. Her latest essay, "A Little Nudge", will be included in "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages From Heaven", available in bookstores February 28, 2012.  She blogs all things animal and shamelessly solicits new followers at www.critteralley.blogspot.com
 Thanks for sharing your blogging thoughts with us, Pat. Make sure you stop by and visit her at Critter Alley.


MTeacress said...

Pat has some great thoughts, and I agree - blogging is an exercise in writing discipline sweeted by the support of...a creative community.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ann. Have a great week. :)

K9friend said...

Thanks for the opportunity, Ann!

Critter Alley

DCMetroreader said...

I agree that blogging is addictive! Love the pic!

Anonymous said...

Being consistent and a dependable blogger is truly an accomplishment. I can't count how many blogs I've seen atrophy in the 2 years I've been blogging.