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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guest Post - Angler's Rest

Please welcome Julie from Angler's Rest visiting today. Julie is originally from Surrey, England and currently resides in Devon in the South West of England.

Julie, what prompted you to start a blog?
Do you know, I can’t really remember. I create the Anglers Rest blog back in Feb 2002, so I am almost, in a blogging sense 10 years old. Over time my Blog has grown as I have developed with the concept of blogging and become more confident with it. A blog is a great medium to explore and develop yourself and just to get out there in the big world wide web.  Your blog can be anything you want it to be!

Which authors inspire you?
I think that it depends on the subject matter as to what I am inspired to do.  I guess that I am a big fan of Jennifer Chiaverini, who is the author of a quilting series. The characters in the storyline are strong and inspirational.

What's your favorite season/weather?
My favorite is Spring. Everything awakening from the cold and dreariness of Winter. Waking with a freshness to get up and go!

Who do you imagine are your followers?
That is a tough question. Some of my followers I know, either in a physical sense or perhaps online. Others I would image are either readers or genealogists. Although I have started in the last year to share through posts items such as tea cups that I have inherited, stamps and postcards.

Is there anything new we can look forward to on your blog for 2012?
Yes, I plan to complete the write ups from my October 2011 trip to Jersey (Channel Islands), plan to talk a whole lot more about books and ancestors, Various posts about our trip to Australia during 2012.  I am also planning to complete my Guildford and District collection during 2012. If you want to read about it look at the links on the Anglers Rest blog!

What are your goals for 2012?
To complete the 6 reading challenges that I have signed up for. I am also taking part in the Project365, where you take a photograph every day. I tried and failed during 2011. I also want to get some more genealogical work finished. I have too many bits of research incomplete!

Any advice you can give to new bloggers?
Join various blogging memes. Take part, and submit your links to the meme host. Visit other blogs and leave comments.  Explore and write about what you have done, what you know and keep your blog fresh and alive. You will grow with your blog as you write more, interact with other bloggers more and gain confidence. Write from the heart and remember never share specific data that you would not share with a stranger at a bus stop!

Thanks for stopping by today and giving us a glimpse into your blogging world.
You can find Julie at Angler's Rest


Laura Fabiani said...

This interview was great. Made me see that bloggers are so similar no matter what they blog about.

Anglers Rest said...

Thanks Laura! Thanks also to Cozy in Texas who hosted me!

Dizzy C said...

Great interview, Ann.

I am already a follower of Julie's after meeting her on the blogs via a blog meme.

I do love your blog Julie as you chat about books and genealogy. I used to have time to research my family tree. It now sits on my wardrobe waiting for more attention one day.

I enjoyed your Jersey posts and look forward to more


Anglers Rest said...

Carol, thank you for such lovely comments. Jersey will be back! We had a second holiday there in October & I have only posted one day of that, so watch this (Angers Rest) space!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I was delighted to discover this interview about Julie when I called by today. I have been in contact with Julie for a number of years now, originally as Bookcrossers! It was great to learn a little more about her here today.