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Friday, October 7, 2011

Bride Flight by Marieke Van Der Pol

From the cover:
It is 1953, and the last great transcontinental air race from London to Christchurch is about to begin, but even before the KLM plane has left the runway, it has already become famous as the 'bride flight' for its cargo of brides-to-be flying out to join their fiances on the other side of the world.

Bride Flight started off an interesting book. It begins with three women who are in New Zealand to attend the funeral of Frank, who was once a fellow passenger on the 'Bride Flight' of 1953, and a man who is intricately woven into the life of each of the women. What I found disappointing was the lack of descriptions. Although the book was peppered with words such as marvelous, gorgeous, and breathtaking, I would have liked more detail from the point of view of each of the women who moved to New Zealand from post war Holland, which is a drastic change in scenery and culture. Many war brides emigrated to Australia and New Zealand from Europe after WWII, but this was a historic flight as it was part of a London to Christchurch race. The plane featured in the book won the race in it's class with a time of 37 hours and 30 minutes. Although the book is fictional, I enjoyed a glimpse into the problems the passengers endured during the flight.

I received the book as a giveaway at My Love Affair with Books - thanks Misha. You can read her review here

The Bride Flight movie was released this year (with subtitles).

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