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Friday, September 30, 2011

Pack of Two by Caroline Knapp

The cover states "Readers don't have to be confirmed dog lovers or even dog owners to enjoy trailing along." But I don't think people who are not dog lovers would understand the connection between a dog and their owner.

From Goodreads.com
 At the age of 36, Caroline Knapp, author of the acclaimed bestseller Drinking:A Love Story, found herself confronted with a monumental task: redefining her world. She had faced the loss of both her parents, given up a twenty-year relationship with alcohol, and, as she writes, "I was wandering around in a haze of uncertainty, blinking up at the biggest questions: Who am I without parents and without alcohol? How to form attachments, and where to find comfort, in the face of such daunting vulnerability?" An answer materialized in the most unlikely form: that of a dog. Eighteen months to the day after she quit drinking, Knapp stumbled upon an eight-week-old puppy at a local animal shelter, took her home, and named her Lucille. Now two years old, Lucille has become a central force in Knapp's life: "In her," she writes, "I have found solace, joy, a bridge to the world."

Reviews of Pack of Two by Caroline Knapp on Goodreads was mixed. People either loved it or hated it. I can't remember who recommended it to me, but it wasn't what I expected. Someone mentioned that Caroline Knapp's writing was a little neurotic and I have to agree.

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