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Friday, September 2, 2011

I Know Where I'm Going

Katharine Hepburn's biography, I Know Where I'm Going, by Charlotte Chandler was an interesting read. She says "I was born into a world in which I was totally wanted, loved, treasured. If you have that feeling, you start life blessed."

She did indeed seem to know where she was going and was definitely a no-nonsense woman. Some called her 'Bossy.' She seized every opportunity, had a slew of boyfriends (including Howard Hughes) and a long term affair with a married man (Spencer Tracy).

But her childhood was marred by a tragedy when she found her older brother hanging from the rafters of an attic bedroom.

One gene she wished she hadn't inherited is what she calls 'shaking head syndrome.' Her grandfather also had a more pronounced shaking of the head. People constantly asked her if she had Parkinson's disease.

During the interview, she showed Charlotte Chandler a chipped cup, the pieces glued together. Katharine told her the cup had fallen from Spencer Tracy's hand when he died. This was the man she said she loved, but could never remember him saying he loved her. He remained married and after his death his wife said to Katharine "I thought you were only a rumor."

Each of Katharine's many films are listed in the book along with stories surrounding the production. She insisted on a private bathroom and during the filming of the African Queen a toilet was transported on a raft. 

The book was a giveaway over at Pop Culture Guy. Thanks Don.


BethL said...

Katharine Hepburn was a fascinating lady. I enjoyed your book review. And thank you for your comment on my blog.

Vickie said...

Katharine Hepburn is one of those strong women whose biographies or autobiographies I love to collect and read. Thank you for sharing.

Mason Canyon said...

Katherine Hepburn is one of my all time favorite actress. This sounds like a great book about her. I'll have to add this to my list. Thanks.

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Joanne said...

always one of my faves. She was a pip! Sounds like an good book. Thanks for the review

Kelly said...

I have always enjoyed watching Katharine Hepburn on T.V. She had such a presence.

By the way, thanks for visiting my blog and letting a nice, encouraging comment. Today was a much better day for me.

Sharon K Owen said...

Ann, You've made my morning. Love both Hepburn women but Kate is a special favorite. Like someone else I know, she never suffered fools lightly.