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Monday, August 1, 2011

Children's Books

We found some fairy tale books at Half Price Books that my granddaughter loves to look at. These were new books and fairly inexpensive (I had a coupon too). At six months old, she's enjoying looking at these herself as they are easy for her to hold.


Joanne said...

how cute. I see cozy mysteries in her future. Start kids young and hope the joy of reading sticks. You are an awesome grandmother.

Lesa said...

Aw, so cute! Never to early to introduce books. With the books and songs/rhymes you are singing, she will be sharp as a tack!

Dorte H said...

She is so cute!

How funny, I sent in a flash story about Cinderella today - but truth be told, not exactly for children ;)

Trish Taylor said...

Have you seen or read Children's book, well, not really, but sort of... called "Give me the Moon"? It's delightful and I just saw it for the first time yesterday.... it's by Roxanne Marie Galliez. Check it out!