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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fort Worth Trinity Trails

Fort Worth Trinity Trails weaves through downtown Fort Worth and extends to the Stockyards  and as far Southwest as Benbrook. Even with the summer heat, evenings walking along the trail are pleasant with the tree canopies offering some respite.

From Bellaire, the trail passes Oakmont park and continues to Pecan Valley in Benbrook, not far from the Benbrook dam. The trail is popular with both runners and cyclists so try to keep to the right when walking.


Helen Ginger said...

It sounds like it runs a long way. But with some pretty views!

K9friend said...

Very nice! Those pictures make me want to take a vacation!


Cozy in Texas said...

I believe there are over 35 miles of trails.

The Crazy Bookworm said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my bullying post! I am so sorry to hear that your son was bullied. I think it's horrible that he wasn't able to receive any help from his school either. They constantly encourage kids to reach out but when they do they are shut down. That is why, unfortunatly most kids suffer in silence. I'm happy to hear that your son reached out to you though. Thank you for sharing that story.