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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Grapefest 2010 - Grapevine, Texas

Grapevine has an old style Main Street that is fun to visit at any time, but especially during Grapefest. There is wine tasting, live music and a plethora of stalls to browse.  It's still hot and humid here and so my friend Elizabeth and I interspersed outside activities with visits to air conditioned shops. By the train depot are a few galleries. Vetro Glass offers unique creations along with a glassblowing demonstration.  Farther along is Archie St. Clair's studio with monstrous sized clay sculptures which are used to create a mold. Archie is an interesting character from "down under" and started his sculpting career when confined to a wheelchair. He humbly said he just started molding a handful of clay. His creativity is impressive. Many of his bronze sculptures are scattered around main street. Take a look at his web site here.  After stopping at Napoli's Italian Cafe for lunch and gelato. We ended our walk down Main Street at British Emporium. We chatted in our native language (English) with Alex who is one of the owners of British Emporium and enjoyed a little feel of "home" among dishes decorated with the Union Jack and Bakewell Tarts. Of course I couldn't leave without buying a jar of marmite.


misterreereeder said...

Sure sounds like it might be an interesting time!!!

Joanne said...

Sounds like you had a taste of Texas and a sprig of the old sod. Hot day, but Grapevine does throw a good party. Any actual wine tasting? Some of the Texas nectar ain't bad.

K9friend said...

I just love festivals such as these. You really get the chance to meet some talented people!


cheryl said...

Grapefest looked fun! Glad you had a great time with lizzy...wish you would have brought some bakewell tarts home.

The Shanty Girl said...

Wow, the Grapefest came and went and I forgot about it this year........it is a beautiful event! Glad you had a great time and took pictures! We must meet soon!! Did I tell you how great the desert you made that I tasted at Cheryl's house was??? Thanks!

Sincerely Sherry Hicks