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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday - Puppy Progress

We picked the puppy up from the vets and she was a little bewildered for a while, but she's the sweetest little bundle of fur. I spent the afternoon with her on my lap while the other two dogs tried to decide if they liked her. After much thought, my daughter and her husband decided to look for a new home for her, but here are the concerns: Will someone take care of her, have somewhere cool for her to stay during the summer heat (it is hot, hot, hot in Texas and she's a cold weather dog), and will they use her for breeding? We decided that it would be better if we arranged for her to be spayed before parting with her and this morning while taking her for a walk a miracle happened. My daughter came across a teacher walking toward the school who stopped and admired the dog. She is moving to a new house and has been looking for a dog. She also goes to Colorado and hikes in the mountains. How perfect is that? The dog and the teacher bonded and it was decided that my daughter and her husband will keep the dog for two weeks until the teacher moves into her new home. We have no doubt she will be loved and cared for. Another prayer answered.


Mason Canyon said...

She is a beautiful dog. Sounds like a perfect match and a very happy ending (and new beginning).

Thoughts in Progress

Cozy in Texas said...

It is a great ending. The teacher said that she was going to look for a dog on Craig's list but decided she would wait for a dog to find her. She handed my daughter a journal and asked her to write down everything she knew about the dog so that she could be prepared. We just know that she's going somewhere that she will be loved and cared for. This was obviously something that was meant to be.

Suzanne said...

What a happy ending to what could have been something so different had your daughter and you not have the big hearts that you both obviously have.

I love the way puppy found the teacher!

K9friend said...

What a beautiful dog! She reminds me of a malamute-mix we had for many years...a great dog. I'm so glad the perfect home has been found for this little girl!


Vickie said...

YAY!!!! God was listening and answered.

Tiffany Norris said...

Hooray for the happy ending!