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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Modern Musem, Fort Worth

Tax free week-end is a perfect time to visit museums. Everyone is at the malls and retail shops and even the popular cafe at the Kimbell Museum was relatively empty -no lines to wait in. We had planned on lunch at the Modern Museum where there is a nice view over the "lake," but it is currently closed for renovations. After lunch, we headed back to the Modern and wandered around trying to decipher many of the paintings and prints. Viewing the architecture of the Modern Museum alone is well worth the visit. The first picture we came across was the Ash Flower by Kiefer Anselm - a floor to ceiling "painting" of a Nazi Ceremonial Hall made with a variety of mediums, including ash. Another collection of black and white pictures by Nicholas Nixon were of his wife and her three sisters. Each picture of the four women was taken a year apart, beginning in 1975. Seeing the aging process of each of them was amazing. You can view the pictures here.


Joanne said...

I like that ladder -my favorite piece at the Modern. Otherwise, it's good to walk through once in awhile and say "what the ??". Like literature, all kinds for all people. Kudos to Ft.Worth for that whole arts district. Glad you had a fun day.

K9friend said...

You have the most interesting museums! I looked at the photo progression...very beautiful images, indeed!