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Monday, March 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Helen Ginger at Straight from Hel gave me the Beautiful Blogger award this week - thanks Helen. Here are the rules: Link to the person who nominated me Helen Ginger, share seven interesting things about myself and nominate seven other beautiful bloggers.
About me:
1. I was born in London, England
2. I live in Texas
3. I have two dogs and a cat (don't see the cat very often)
4. I love to travel
5. I wrote my first short story in elementary school
6. My wildest shopping trip was flying to Italy and driving through Austria and Germany to go shopping in Poland
7. I hand sew quilts

Beautiful Bloggers:
Word Splash
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Being Beth
Creative Soul
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Chick with Books
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K9friend said...

How very cool! Thanks, Ann! I'll start thinking about what blogs I should nominate!

Suzanne said...

Thank you so much Ann! Will be having some fun nominating some blogs now! And thinking of my answers!

K. Harrington said...

Thank you for the award! Love reading people's lists of 10.

Helen said...

What great things about you! What a shopping trip that was. I'd like to hear more about it. And how cool that you hand sew quilts. I definitely don't. My aunt gave me one of her quilt tops. I was lucky enough to find a professional quilter who finished it for me. It's beautiful and well worth paying her to finish it so I have this piece of art from my aunt.

Straight From Hel