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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What Makes You Laugh?

I took this picture of my dog Sandy a few weeks ago. It doesn’t matter how much I wash, brush and trim her wiry coat, she still looks like she's been pulled through a hedge backwards. Each time I look at this picture it makes me laugh out loud.
We could all do with a daily dose of laughter.


Joanne said...

I tend to like wordplay - stuff in the paper will make me laugh out loud. I also like the comics - the Far Side was genius, Cornered (my father sends me these) is often tongue in cheek. Jon Stewart's snarkiness is a winner. And my family's email banter is berserk.I agree - you have to laugh!!!

K9friend said...

Your dog looks like a terrier mix. And it's the nature of a terrier to look scruffy and adorable. She's perfect!

Melissa said...

Sandy's expression tells all. She could get away with murder, because you'd never suspect her.

maria said...

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