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Sunday, January 10, 2010

All Creatures Great and Small - James Herriot

One day this week I heard a loud crash. One of the shelves from my bookshelf had collapsed leaving a pile of broken glass from a vase, a collection of sea shells and several books. One of the books that I came across was a collection of stories which were put together by James Herriot from his many journals. He was a Scottish veterinarian who moved to the Yorkshire Dales in the 1940s. His compassion for the animals and his hilarious stories of a novice veterinarian dealing with Yorkshire farmers are entertaining to say the least. After cleaning up the rubble and re-attaching the shelf, I opened the first pages of All Creatures Great and Small and spent a few hours reading through his accounts of driving without windshield wipers, struggling with farm gates and taking care of the local animals, both big and small. All Creatures Great and Small was also a popular BBC television series.


K9friend said...

I love the James Herriot books and have read most of them. One story would make me laugh out loud, while others made tears flow like rain.

Fascinating and touching stories all!

Helen Ginger said...

Great book and a wonderful TV series, as well. Herriot knew how to tell a story.

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