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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paul McCartney 2009 Tour

The screaming teenagers from bygone Beatles concerts were replaced with a wide spectrum of fans at the Paul McCartney concert on August 19 at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. There were pre-teen girls who stood on chairs and mouthed words to songs written decades ago. The older couple next to us stuffed in ear plugs but clapped somewhat in time to the music and the woman in front of us swayed like an undersea kelp but judging by the number of beer bottles at her feet that may have been nothing to do with the music vibrating around the stadium.

The concert was loud and we were drawn in by the excitement around us. Paul McCartney certainly knows how to entertain and with a never ending line of guitars standing against the stage wall, he and his band played for three hours which included three encores. Cowboys Stadium in Texas was the last venue on his latest tour and he certainly received a big Texas welcome.

The new stadium itself was impressive but there are still kinks to be worked out with concerts. Even from row 13 in front of the stage it was difficult to see. This could have been improved by adding a few feet to the stage. According to the radio news this morning, people in the higher seats at the back had difficulty hearing. There were, however, no complaints about the performance. The lighting, background pictures and music were amazing and the highlight of the evening was Live and Let Die accompanied by flames from the stage and fireworks worthy of a 4th of July celebration followed by red, white and blue confetti blown into the crowd.

Now if I could only stop Band on the Run playing in my head.


Joanne said...

Yep - gotta love Sir Paul, the senior on tour. He'd kick any of these young musician's butts. Absolutely fabulous. Glad we had super duper seats. Otherwise - Bass Hall or the Majestic is the way to go. Stadium plastic chair crammed seating is tough on this not-teen butt. Great pics from a cell phone and perfect analysis of an excellent evening. Worth staying up (yawn) past midnight. Wow!!!!!

K9friend said...

How lucky are you to see Paul McCartney in person!!

As I'm sure you know, back in the day, everyone had a "favorite" Beatle. Paul was mine!

jdcoughlin said...

Love him! Love them. Love that when my kid was in second grade and the teacher played a Beetles son, my kid named it. You are so LUCKY!!!
Still play Lady Madonna when I need a quick pick me up.

Sharon Owen said...

Lucky you to see him in concert.

I went to the Cowboys-Titans game at the new stadium. Very impressed with the place.

I'm not usually into events with big crowds but it was fun.

The only other arena concert I've gone to this summer was the Kenny Chesney concert at the park in Frisco. That was fun, also.