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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Celebrity Spotting

I don’t seem to notice celebrities when they’re somewhere unexpected or maybe it’s because I’m not overly drawn to the whole celeb. fascination.

My daughter, however, is a celebrity magnet. Whether antique shopping, watching a baseball game or travelling, she seems to spot celebrities.

We were going through our pictures the other day when we came across some of Ethan Hawke at a Fort Worth CATS baseball game. His grandfather, Howard L. Green, was a Tarrant County Judge for eight years and Ethan spent some of his childhood here in Fort Worth.

Wentworth Miller was in Weatherford where he was filming Prison Break and he agreed to have his picture taken. My daughter shared a table with Nicolas Cage while sheltering from a rainstorm in New Orleans and she snapped a picture as he left. Then there was Brad Womack and his brother Chad whom she met in Austin before he was The Bachelor. On a New York to Los Angeles flight she met Kelsey Grammer.

I did meet Roger Staubach when he stopped in Fort Worth to sign autographs and he was kind enough to autograph a picture for me. It could have been an exciting moment but I had no idea who he was!

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K9friend said...

Another argument for having your camera with you at all times.

Great shots!