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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Natchitoches - Fort St. Jean Baptista State Historic Site

At 155 Rue Jefferson in Natchitotches a modern building stands among trees draped with winding vines. Although the museum holds many interesting artifacts, including a model of the original area when the first settlement was erected, it is behind the museum at the end of a winding path that holds a surprisingly well maintained fort. The fort, although reconstructed using original 1733 drawings found in France, is compiled of several structures built, using 18th century techniques and located a few hundred yards from the original fort site.

We were welcomed at the Fort St. Jean Baptista State Historic Site by two young men wearing period costume who showed us around the fort and explained how the fort operated.

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Being Beth said...

I've really enjoyed all these posts about Natchitoches. You so on the most interesting trips. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you Wed. Miss you a bunch!