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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Evening with Jeffery Deaver

The Star Telegram invited Jeffery Deaver to the Casa Manana Theater this evening as part of their "Evening With . . . " series.
Jeff Guinn of the Star Telegram, has interviewed many authors during this series and last September we were fortunate to be entertained by Alan Alda while he was promoting his latest book.
Jeffery Deaver has written twenty-five novels one of which, the Bone Collector, was produced as a movie.
Promoting his latest novel, Roadside Crosses, he explained his process for writing (he's an avid outliner) and told us he writes biographies for each of his characters before including them in his novels. Above all he encouraged future authors "to view rejection as a speed bump and not a brick wall." Pretty good advice from an international bestselling author who began writing at the tender age of eleven.


Joanne said...

I liked his checklist of writer prep and the fact that you'd done all those things - analyze and outline a book or author you like, outline your own book and write character bios, etc. I forget the third thing, but it was Ann - check! The "Evening With" series is so worthwhile to attend.


DebMc said...

Rejection...a speed bump, not a brick wall.

That' sounds like a good saying for my studio wall.