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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Memory Boxes

On Saturday, my neighbor and long time friend invited me to join her and some fellow painters from Fort Worth Decorative Painters to work on memory boxes for local hospitals.

The Memory Box Artist Program began over ten years ago and provides boxes lovingly painted by volunteers for families whose newborn babies have passed-away while in the hospital. The boxes are provided as keepsakes of the child’s short life and are sometimes filled with a photograph, footprint or perhaps a lock of hair affirming the life of the child. The boxes are delivered to local hospitals including Cook’s Children’s Hospital and Harris Southwest. Above are some pictures of the boxes the ladies have completed.


Joanne said...

very touching project. Nice work all around. Writing, painting....lots of talent!


DebMc said...

What a sweet project! I love the idea of a memory box.

And Crime writing. Just for fun, are you watching 'Castle' on ABC on Monday nights? I'm enjoying the 'writerly' aspects of a light crime solving TV show. Fun...plus, I'm a big fan of Nathan Fillion, the star.

Cozy in Texas said...

Yes Deb I've been watching "Castle" - great twist for a crime show.
I can't take credit for the memory boxes though. I haven't done much painting in the past three years so offered to do the base coating while my neighbor stenciled the pictures. Great evening with wonderful friends though.