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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Although we are a month away from the official end of winter, once the daffodils in my garden are blooming, as far as I'm concerned spring is here.

While looking for a suitable screensaver to replace my wintery pictures I found this one that I took when I visited Vancouver Island.
The island was abundant with blooms from the hanging baskets on street lamps to the beautiful Butchart Gardens but the sights were not the only reason for my visit. A few years ago my friend Beverly and I rekindled a friendship that began at an English school. We lost touch after leaving school when we were sixteen. She moved to Canada and I eventually moved to the USA. Through Friends Reunited (an English version of Classmates.com) we e-mailed each other for several years and shared our love of knitting, gardening, and sewing. In 2007 we planned to meet on Vancouver Island where Beverly now lives. We found a hotel by Victoria Harbour and walked for miles around Victoria, visited the Titanic exhibit at the BC Museum and spent hours at Butchart Gardens. Of course, we talked about the turns our lives had taken and as we were packing to leave our hotel we watched television and found an old English soap, Coronation Street, which first aired in 1960 and is still running. Reminiscing with friends can't be beat.


Joanne said...

friends and flowers - a perfect combo. Lovely pic - I'm ready to pack my bag and go visit.


DebMc said...

Wow, what a great photo. Perfect screen saver for this time of year.

I love your reconnecting with friends story. Very nice.