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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Cat Master

Bonnie Pemberton's humor and delightful personality shine through in her novel the Cat Master. Some years ago Bonnie found a feral cat in a parking lot, rescued him, called him Buddy and I'm sure gave him a life of pampering. (Bonnie is an avid animal lover). Buddy became the main character in the story of a cat who inherited the title of the Cat Master, a leader of animals. Bonnie follows Buddy's journey incorporating a boy, a lizard, and Fred the dog, to "The Gathering" with humor and page-turning tension. You can read more about Bonnie on her web page Bonnie Pemberton


Being Beth said...

I loved The Cat Master. Nice plug for Bonnie too. I think the cover is one of the most enticing ever.

I keep a copy of her book on display in the cave, just to remind me daily that publication can and does happen.

DebMc said...

One of my favorites.
Did you see the interview I did with Bonnie last year. Very interesting author. http://creativesoulbydebmc.blogspot.com/2008/05/painful-pleasure-part-i.html

Part two is a day or two after that.