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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Short Stories and Flash - Fiction that is

I now have many short stories and flash fiction scattered on the web and thought this would be a good place to put together a list with links to the sites.

Doorknobs and Bodypaint
Doorknobs-Ann Summerville
Children of the Night
First Love
From Humble Beginnings (also in the printed anthology)
Seafarer's Fears
Self Imposed Punishment
Waiting for Chelsea

A Long Story Short
Life Goes On
Amys Picture
Gone but not Forgotten

The Shine Journal
Fame and Technical Difficulties
Money Talks

Associated Content
Associated Content
Fort Worth Museums
Smart Women Finish Rich (Review)
Doggie Diabetes
Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Texas Thunder Air Show

1 comment:

Being Beth said...

Wow, Ann -- I didn't realize you'd published so much. Impressive list!

I love your writing, by the way!