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Friday, November 30, 2018

Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane

Since we Fell by Dennis Lehane (author of Gone Baby Gone) is a gripping story. The New York Times describes it as "A Troubled Woman Seeks Answers."

After the death of her mother, Rachel Childs searches for her father who left their home abruptly when she was a young child. Already confused with her life, Rachel is sent to report a story on the Haitian earthquake and, amid the tragic events there, has a breakdown. But the mysteries keep piling up and nothing in the truth is what Rachel wants to hear.

There are a lot of unexpected twists and turns in the story that keep the reader hooked. The only part that I found a little frustrating was the ending. While the reader can surmise how the story turned out for Rachel, I would have liked the ending to be when she was in a safe place, not while her future was still precarious.

Note: Dennis Lehane has many TV miniseries and movie credits, including Bloodline, Gone Baby Gone, and Castle.

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