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Friday, April 28, 2017

Murder in Capital Letters by Peter Bartram

After I discovered the Colin Crampton series by Peter Bartram I became addicted to them so when Peter Bartram asked if I'd like to review his novella, Murder in Capital Letters, I jumped at the chance.

One thing I like about the series is that it is set in the 1960s and in Brighton. It always brings back childhood memories of taking the train from London to Brighton and, regardless of the weather, swimming in Black Rock Pool. I have pictures of me standing on a diving board, a lone swimmer in the pool by the beach with waves not only in the sea but in the pool! My sister and mother sat on deckchairs huddled in blankets. Every now and again I come across something in the books such as a comment about the Volks Railway, The Royal Pavilion, or the Lanes which bring back vivid memories.

But I digress. Whether you are familiar with England, or Brighton for that matter, the books are intriguing. Colin Crampton, The Chronical reporter, throws little tidbits about solving the mystery, but manages to keep the reader guessing until the end. Peter Brampton/Colin Crampton has a great sense of humor and the story will keep you hooked.

Hop on over to the Colin Crampton site to get a free copy of Murder in Capital Letters.

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TracyK said...

Sounds very interesting. I like stories set in earlier decades.