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Sunday, January 17, 2016

American Dreams by Marco Rubio

American Dreams - Restoring Economic Opportunity for Everyone by Marco Rubio gives a good insight into his thoughts and agenda. Let's face it the debates for this upcoming election have been sadly lacking in an depth.

He states:
The American Dream may not survive another four years of outdated, status quo leadership, America is in dire need of a new direction . . . we need a clear vision forward that puts opportunity over cronyism, work over dependence and the health of the American family over all. America needs a conservative reform agenda.

He talks about antipoverty programs:
They discourage moving from dependency to work by effectively levying a large tax on anyone who earns too much to receive benefits. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan calls this the "poverty trap." . . . Most poverty programs offer decreased benefits as poor people make more money . . . they lose more in benefits than they would earn in salary.

His thought on immigration (summarized):
1. Those who are here illegally must be registered. If they have committed serious crimes they will have to leave. (the E-Verify system should help to stop illegals from working).
2. Those who qualify would be allowed to apply for a temporary non-immigrant visa. (Pay an application fee and fine, undergo background check and learn English). It would be revoked if they commit a crime and cannot apply for government programs such as Obamacare, welfare or food stamps)
3. They will have to stay at non-immigrant status for a minimum of 10 years then they may follow normal channels to obtain citizenship. 

Less Government and More Fee Enterprise:
He mentions how Florida regulations have prevented Uber from becoming a popular alternative to taxis and squashing competition.

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