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Monday, October 12, 2015

Revival by Stephen King

Revival is the first novel I've read by Stephen King (I was assured by my book club that it wasn't scary).

Jamie Morton meets a new minister, Reverend Charles Jacobs, when he is just six years old. The shadow of the minister falls over him as he is playing and that shadow follows him for the next fifty years. Jamie learns to play a guitar, joins a rock group and becomes addicted to heroin. It's the "cure" for his addiction that links him again to the Reverend who is dabbling with electricity that he feels can heal. But the "treatments" have many side effects that come to light many years later for not only Jamie, but many people whose paths have crossed with his.

Stephen King is an amazing writer and keeps the reader enthralled throughout his books.


Joanne said...

Ray has the whole Stephen King collection. Indeed - the man knows how to write and get into your psyche

Stormi Johnson said...

Loved King when I was younger but I haven't read much of his newer stuff and I need to give it a try.

TracyK said...

I recently read Under the Dome. It was depressing in many ways and very, very long, but I did enjoy the read. It is good to hear of another book I may try. I am not going to read horrifying or scary books, no matter how well written.