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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Waiting Time by Eugenia Price

I found The Waiting Time by Eugenia Price in a Little Free Library (residential library where you leave a book and take one). Apparently this was written shortly before her death in 1996. I haven't read any of her books before and while looking for her bio, found out that in addition to writing several novels and more than twenty inspirational books, she also wrote daytime serials for NBC.

Although many of her books are part of a series, The Waiting Time appears to be a stand alone novel which is set in 1853 Georgia.

From the Cover:
Spirited Abigail Banes dreams her newly married life in coastal Georgia will be lived amid spreading magnolia trees, where lovers walk and whisper along blossom-lined paths. But her dreams are shattered when a fatal accident claims her husband, Eli, leaving her sole proprietor of thei rice plantaion - and the slaves that work the magnificent land.


Joanne said...

how interesting that she wrote for daytime serials, etc. Did she die young? The Free Library is such a great idea.

K9friend said...

I'm familiar with the author's name, but have never read any of her books. I may have to add this to my list.

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