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Sunday, August 17, 2014

1964 The [Beatles] Tribute

Last night 1964 The Tribute was performing at the Bass Hall in Fort Worth. Obviously this band is a hit in our area, as there wasn't an empty seat to be seen, and I can see why. They sounded just like the Beatles and their mannerisms were even similar. Their Liverpudlian accents are very reminiscent of John, Paul, George and Ringo although none of the 1964 band was born anywhere near the Caverns of Liverpool. The band members said they started the band as a lark, but it evolved and they later negotiated an agreement with Apple Corps Ltd. permitting them to perform their show around the world. If you like Beatles music and 1964 The Tribute come to your area, they're well worth seeing. It's a very entertaining show with lots of audience participation.


Mason Canyon said...

WOW, they are good. I can see why there wasn't an empty seat for the concert.

Joanne said...

sounds good, and an amusing Sunday evening. It's all great at Bass Hall. What a venue!