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Saturday, December 14, 2013

LG Xpression Review

LG Xpression (C395) gallery image 2There is a word that sums up the LG Xpression and that's FRUSTRATING.
The keyboard is very small and difficult to use and there is no way to list calls that you wish to reject. The first day I received the phone I had numerous calls and voice mails from companies looking for "Vincent" (along with the new phone I received a new number) and even requests for them to remove the number were disregarded. But the most annoying feature of the phone is the screen lock. You can only prevent the screen from locking for a maximum of 60 seconds. If you try to check your voice mails, there is an option on the screen to put it on speaker, but the screen is locked so you can't access the speaker button and when you unlock the screen by sliding your finger across it, the screen goes blank. After two days I took the phone back to AT&T because they offer to change the phone at no charge. The kicker is that they do charge an activation fee for a new phone at $35!!!!

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