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Friday, March 1, 2013

How to Murder a Millionaire by Nancy Martin

I read a blog review of Nancy Martin's No Way to Kill a Lady (Cozy Mystery Blog) which is number 8 in the Blackbird Sisters Mystery Series and was intrigued. However, I prefer to read a series in sequence so ordered How to Murder a Millionaire which is the first book. I expected it to be more of a chic lit book based on the cover picture, but it turned out to be a great mystery with perhaps a little chic lit thrown in. This is an author I will be reading more of this year.

How to Murder a Millionaire - From the back cover:
My parents blew the country for a sunny resort that catered to American tax evaders, leaving the family art collection to my sister Emma and the furniture to my sister Libby. They gave me the land - and a property tax bill for two million dollars. Which is why I, Nora Blackbird, a former socialite who never really held a job in all my thirty-one years, found myself in dire need of a paycheck . . .

Nora takes us with her into the Philadelphia houses of the elite, throws in some historical information on her way and with her we rub shoulders with characters both good and disreputable. In the midst of the mystery Nora also deals with the love/hate relationship she has with her two sisters.

I found this book at the library and it was dog-eared with a very creased spine - always a good sign that a book has been well read.

Other Books in the series:

List from Cozy Mystery Blog

Nancy MartinBLACKBIRD SISTERS MYSTERY Series: Main Characters: Libby, Emma, & Nora Blackbird, Destitute Sisters 
  1. How to Murder a Millionaire    ''02
  2. Dead Girls Don’t Wear Diamonds   '3
  3. Some Like it Lethal    '04
  4. Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die     '05
  5. Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too     '06
  6. A Crazy Little Thing Called Death    '07
  7. Murder Melts in Your Mouth     '08
  8. No Way to Kill a Lady    '12

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K9friend said...

I love the cover. It looks very 1950's.

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