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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Facebook Pages

I know I'm lagging behind the rest of the world in not using Facebook to its full potential so this week, I began updating my page and making use of the cover picture area. To change yours, click on Change Cover that will show up when you hover your pointer over that area.

This wasn't too difficult to do (although the result wasn't as crisp as I would like) as long as you have a picture with the right dimensions.  You also need to make sure that your profile picture, as it's inserted into the bottom left corner of the cover picture, doesn't cover up anything important in the cover picture. By the way, you can't add anything in the cover picture that might be construed as advertising (more details in the links below).

The blurb under the profile picture is accessed by clicking "About". Anything in that first section will show up in the box on your page. Mine is shown as author.

A couple of other features that are useful are the highlight (star) and edit/remove (pencil) on the top right hand corner of each post. By choosing highlight, the post will be spread over the whole page (double column) and will show at the top of your posts for 7 days.

One thing I didn't have much success with is the App section. I wanted to put a link to my Amazon page from one of the apps boxes, but the only choices I had was events, videos or find more apps. I'm wondering if this is because of the category I chose when setting it up (Books/Author). I went to the link to set up my own app, but that didn't work either.

I'm still working on making better use of Facebook although I still prefer to blog as I don't find it as cluttered as the posts on Facebook. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the links below, there are a lot of great tips on how to set up your page. If you have any ideas or want to share something you've learned, please leave a comment.

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Indigo Blue said...

I am wayyyyy behind you as I do nit have a Facebook page at all. Should I start one?