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Friday, April 13, 2012

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl is a children's fantasy written by Eoin Colfer. While it's considered a children's book, nonetheless, adults will appreciate the wonderful writing and detailed descriptions. Children and adults alike can't fail to laugh at the antics and there are a few nail biting moments too. Eoin Colfer's descriptions and characters take you into the underworld of the fairies. He writes with humor and beautiful prose. Artemis Fowl is a twelve year old genius who has a plan to steal gold from the fairies and elves who live underground, but his plan involves kidnapping Captain Holly Short, a rebellious elf of the LEPrecon Unit. The results are disastrous for all involved. But first he has to locate the fairy manual and he hopes to persuade a drunken sprite to relinquish hers.

Artemis fixed the glasses to his face. Everything became radioactive green. Taking a deep breath he turned his gaze to the squirming shadows. Something squatted on a raffia mat, shifting uneasily in the almost nonexistent light. Artemis fine-tuned the focus. The figure was small, abnormally so, and wrapped in a filthy shawl. Empty spirit jugs were half buried in the mud around her. One forearm poked from the material. It seemed green. But then, so did everything else.
"Madam," he said. "I have a proposition for you."


Karen Russell said...

I really like this series -- I've read them all but the last, which is buried in my TBR somewhere -- and recommend it to people who have kids or like kid lit.

Dorte H said...

It does indeed sound funny.