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Friday, February 24, 2012

Attitude-inize by Jan Coates

Jan Coates doesn't start each day with a smile because her life has been perfect, she makes a conscious choice to see the glass half full. Raised by a mentally ill mom and a childhood of abuse, Ms. Coates' early life was not one any of us would wish for. Divorced by the age of 19 and enduring the death of a child due to a drunk driver, her life could have been one of despair and resentment and yet she has chosen to live her life to the fullest.

New research indicates that how you feel actually dictates how you do. More than skill, knowledge, or aptitude, your attitude dictates your performance and success.

Ms. Coates, with the help of scripture, shows you how you can achieve a positive attitude from the inside out, how to tackle unforgiveness and look at life differently.

I received the book as a giveaway from Christian Speaker Services.

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K9friend said...

We can certainly all use a more positive attitude!

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