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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Verona - Letters to Juliet

I picked up Letters to Juliet not because of the story, but more for views of Verona and the Italian Countryside. Anything based in Italy is a big plus for me. What was confusing when I visited Verona a few years ago was Giulietta's House as Romeo and Juliet were fictional characters.

Some of this was explained in the special features section of the DVD. 

Notes left for Juliet had been found since the late 1900s and when the movie Romeo and Juliet was shown in 1936 it brought renewed interest to William Shakespeare's play and Verona. The story was based on two real families who lived in Verona and it is their houses that are now marked as Romeo's house and Juliet's (Giulietta) House. With the influx of tourists in the 1930s, Antonio Avena, the museum director, wanted to give the tourists something to view and set about working on old buildings in Verona, including Juliet's house. Using a sarcophagi, he constructed a balcony and added a rose styled window to mimic a medieval house. He also hired a custodian for Juliet's tomb. The custodian planted roses, brought in doves and made the area more pleasing to the tourists visiting Verona. 

In the movie, you'll see many people rubbing Juliet's bronze statue which is considered to bring good luck/love.

Secretaries have been responding to Juliet's mail for nearly 80 years and more recently the Club Di Giulietta was formed.


ShantyGirl said...

I really liked that movie! The settings were beautiful.

Vickie said...

I am really going to have to get this movie! I love Italy, too. Tuscany is my area of choice.

Joanne said...

can never go wrong with Vanessa Redgrave. Or Italy as a backdrop.

Lynn Marie said...

I looooved this movie. Some people complained that it moved too slow or had too much dialect but I thought it was great! Great post on it!

Shirley said...

I adore this movie! Thanks for the background information. How I'd love to visit.

K9friend said...

Fascinating background. I had no idea! Don't know if I'll ever make it to Italy, but if I do, this will definitely be on my list!


JustYolie said...

Thank you for sharing....would you believe I didn't make it to Verona when visited Italy! Ugh...gotta go back! :)