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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dog Rescues

Anyone who knows me also knows that I am a dog lover and have been known to pick up stray dogs - I keep an emergency supply of food and water in the back of my car. Both my dogs were unwanted - one a neighbor gave me after they grew tired of her (she was only a year old) and were going to have her euthanized, the other was a stray who decided he was going to live on our front porch. They are now both part of the family.
Apparently, it's hereditary. Last night I received a call from my daughter. They had been celebrating a friend's birthday and a dog wandered up to them covered in burrs and fleas, but nontheless with a wagging tail. My daughter and her husband took her to the emergency vet clinic and she became very lethargic. She was probably dehydrated after wandering the streets in heat that has topped the 100s for days on end. Still at the vets for tests, she apparently woke up in better spirits and shredded her bedding. She's a puppy, and although lovable, with two large dogs at home a third will be a handful, but how could you discard a dog with those puppy eyes?


Vickie said...

I have yet to understand how anyone can do this to animals and children. When it's time to get our dog, we will go rescue even though it will have to be one my DH can be around because of his allergies.
I hope someone comes rescue this pup. Sending out the vibes and prayers.

Cozy in Texas said...

My daughter and her husband are currently fostering the dog, but need to find a home for her. She's sweet and loving but having a puppy plus two other large dogs is too much for them to handle in a small home.