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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week-end Getaway - Fredericksburg, Texas

July 4th week-end, my friend and I, despite rain predictions, headed for the Hill Country. Fredericksburg was founded in 1846 by German immigrants and still retains its German heritage. There are still many cabins and Sunday Houses scattered around Fredericksburg.

Just a few years later, the Nimitz hotel was built to accommodate travelers from San Antonio and is now the National Museum of the Pacific War. With it's ship like facade, the museum lends itself to a nautical theme. You can read about Admiral Nimitz and his impressive career here.

There are plenty of restaurants to tempt you and we ate dinner at the West End Pizza Co. entertained by two local musicians. The pizza was delicious and I recommend stopping there if you're in Fredericksburg.

The shops close early (usually by 5:00) and some don't open at all on Sundays so if you're only there for the week-end, browse the shops on Saturday.

We had a delicious breakfast at the Peach Tree Restaurant. There were so many tempting meals on the menu we had difficulty choosing. You can find recipes on their blog.

The predicted rain stayed in overhead clouds and the 4th of July parade was welcomed by cheers from the crowd lined street. Plenty of firework displays were scheduled, but after the parade we opted to drive toward Comfort and watch the bat emergence.


Mason Canyon said...

Sounds like a great trip. Love the photos and the shop looks like it would have been fun to browse.

Thoughts in Progress

Being Beth said...

Fredericksburg is one of my favorite places to visit in the hill country. Great photo's too -- you captured the soul of the town, Ann.

Joanne said...

reads like an excellent weekend - plenty to explore, sights to see, and good eats. Plus the added 4th frenzy. Glad you had fun.

K9friend said...

What a great day! Sounds like you had lots of fun.