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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti - Orphanage

After a week of devastating pictures from the Haiti earthquake, good news stories are beginning to filter through. A February mission trip to Haiti had been scheduled by the youth minister of Trinity Bible Church and my son, Nathan, had volunteered to help out at an orphanage just outside Port au Prince. The Youth Minister, John Barnes and his wife Christi, returned to the U.S. from Haiti the day before the earthquake. They had been at the orphanage working on the slow adoption process to bring home a child, Eva. Tonight, on the news, there was a video about their plight. The good news? The adoption process has been expedited and Eva, through the American Consulate, will soon be on her way to Texas. See the news link here The orphanage is located 40 miles outside Port au Prince and all the children are safe. Hopefully, the group will be able to continue with their mission trip next month.


K9friend said...

Sounds like Haiti needs every pair of helping hands they can get.

I admire your son for his willingness to help those in need. Keep us posted!

Helen Ginger said...

Things are still so bad in Haiti, I'm very glad that at least one will soon be safe, cared for, and fed. I had first added "and loved," but I stopped. The children there are loved, but having parents is wonderful.

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