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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Texas Flowers

We have had weather that feels like Death Valley temperatures on a mild day (in the 100s) and little rain to speak of although there were a few sprinkles in the early hours this morning. When I started planning my garden I researched native plants and drought resistant perennials and those have done well even in the dry months. The yellow flowers are lantana, the taller purple flowers are Mexican petunia and the lavender flowers in front are plumbago. Behind the lantana, a rosemary bush is slightly hidden. That stays green all winter and looks good after the lantana and petunia have died off. Spreading over the arbor is a lady banks rose bush which has abundant tiny pale yellow roses in the spring. The bird bath is a painted flower pot with a flower pot saucer on top.


Being Beth said...

What a lovely garden, Ann! I just told Mark last week how much I wanted a bird bath but I wasn't willing to pay $50 for one. What a great idea you had. And, by the way, the flowers painted on the bird bath sure shows off your gift with the paints.

Joanne said...

quite lovely and practical too. Plenty of color without needing a ton of water.

You've got the garden magic touch!


Being Beth said...

Just letting you know that you've been tagged ;) And even if you don't do it, I will be happy just knowing that I may be directing people to your blog b/c I think it is awesome.

jociegal said...

Hello there,
I discovered your blog today via Being Beth. I see that you are from England! I am from Portland,OR but I am engaged to an Englishmen and right now we are in the throws of the oh-so-lovely immigration visa process. He will be moving here as soon as all is said and done and I can't wait. Any words of advice for an Englishman in America?

Enjoyed the blog as well. Have a great day!